MSM Online Shopping
Online Solution Site Features

  • It’s proven that if you sell online, you will sell more because you are able to reach MORE CUSTOMERS!
  • Cash flow! Customers pay for their orders immediately, that means you get paid immediately!
  • Our solution allows you to put your products online, your brochures, your prices
  • Provides each child a “personalized” online selling site for your companies products and brochures
  • Complete set of tools that allow you to manage every aspect of your website
  • The look and feel of your website is 100% customizable
  • Sales are tracked electronically and integrate with our New* pick/pack/label module, order-entry module and a receiving/PO module.
  • We integrate seamlessly with iTransact who provides you with online credit card transaction services

Why it works?

  • It’s so easy – the participant simply completes the online registration form and provides a recent photo (if available)
  • We provide the sales message. All the seller has to do is e-mail the message to the potential customers (family friends, relatives, neighbors, etc.)
  • Buyers see the sales message as coming directly from the participant. It is a personalized message designed to be read by family and friends (and by-pass SPAM filters)

How it works?

  • After receiving the sales message via e-mail, buyers can go to the participant’s web site and view the items offered for sale
  • The buyer simply has to click on the items wanted for purchase
  • The buyer then provides a credit card number (Secured), along with shipping information (name, address, etc.)
  • The buyer clicks on “Process Order” and the transaction is complete
  • As the supplier, you will receive the order and shipping instructions via e-mail
  • The fundraising organization and the participant receive notification of the transaction, along with credit for each item sold

Is your company selling online?

  • Schools expect and accept online sales.
  • If you are not selling online, you are leaving money on the table!

Industry leaders who use our software:

  • Candy Man
  • Fowler’s Chocolates
  • Meadow Farms
  • Miss Chocolate
  • Perry Campbell
  • SchoolAthon
  • Gateway Fund Raising

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Who is MSM Fundraising?

  • Software developers dedicated to assisting distributors take their products and brochures online to sell in a safe and secure environment!
  • We are NOT associated with any product supplier or manufacturer.
  • You have complete freedom regarding the content of your website!

Why use MSM Fundraising, LLC?

  • Proven Product
  • East to Setup
  • Excellent Support!
  • Customized for your Business
  • You will sell more because your selling area is dramatically increased!
  • Immediate payment for items sold online improves cash-flow!
  • Increase sales area beyond family, friends and community
  • Sales are tracked electronically and integrate with our New* pick/pack/label module, order-entry module and a receiving/PO module
  • Orders are shipped directly to the customer