MSM Fundraising was started to help school fundraising companies increase their sales and differentiate themselves from the competition by offering a safe online option. Our customers are companies who currently use fundraising as either their main way of selling, or as a profit center to enhance their traditional avenues of sales. The MSM module is Web-based, personalized and simplifies the sales/fulfillment process by streamlining the steps involved in traditional programs. It also eliminates the perils of children going door-to-door. Most fundraising activities take place in small geographic areas. The Web also lets you expand your selling area.

Traditional methods are cumbersome and labor-intensive. Participants have to go door-to-door, fill out order forms, collect money, place the order, receive the order, and finally deliver the order.

Our Web module simplifies the process. We build a personalized Web site that the participants can add a personalized message to, and email it to friends and family members. That’s all they have to do. Those who choose to support the organization will go online to order the product, pay for it online, and the manufacturer will send the product to them. The organization and the participant get credit for the sale. It’s as simple as that!

Let our team of experienced software developers, marketing and fundraising professionals help you increase your business. Last year we helped our customers increase their online sales to nearly 10 million dollars!